Lab meetings

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Every second Thursday, 16:00 CET, via Zoom

You can join the zoom meeting with these details:

Meeting ID: 68196247626 and Passcode:

It is also possible to show up in person to the lab meetings

Room: V317
Building: Harald Schjelderups hus
Address: Forskningsveien 3A, Oslo


18 January Thomas W. Schubert, Alan P. Fiske, and Beate Seibt on their paper.

1 February Dana Swarbrick presents “Being in Concert: Kama muta, Awe, and Connectedness”.

15 February Michael Zakharin & Timothy Bates on ”Validating the Structure of Social Relationships: Advancing the Measurement of Relational Models Theory”.

29 February Nicola Fadda presents “Communal sharing with the natural environment”.

14 March Anna Włodarczyk presents “Enhancing identification with all humanity through the experience of self-transcendent emotions: an experimental study”.

28 March No lab (Easter)

11 April No lab (cancelled)

25 April No lab (cancelled)

9 May No lab (Ascension)

23 May Anette Karin Åbom presents results from qualitative analyses of kama muta events in romantic relationships: “Vulnerable and Valuable; Suggested Mechanisms Involved in Kama Muta Events, and the Events’ Impact on Romantic Relationships”.

6 June Jonathon McPhetres presents “Surprise! Piloerection is a poor indicator of emotional experience“.

Autumn semester 2023

14 September Gizem, report on summer internship

28 September

12 October Thomas reports from Emotions 2023

26 October Sam Day, University of Oxford, on: Faces and Places: The Bidirectional Relationship between Smiles and Situational Context

9 November

23 November Fynn Leon Müller, German University Witten Heidecke, on Who is moved to tears easily? Individual differences in Kama Muta proneness and their relation to personality

7 December Magdalena Bobowik & Jota: “Smiles that Move: Evoking Self- and Other-Oriented Emotions towards Disadvantaged Groups and Its Prosocial Implications”

21 December End of year Kama muta kama muta lab

Schedule Spring semester 2023

16 March: Stina Kajsa

30 March Kunalan Manokara, UVA / York University

27 April: Alan on Evoking kama muta to alleviate hospital patients’ suffering

11 Mai. Miguel Leyva Salas on thesis data: prediction fundraiser giving from kama muta

25 Mai: Helen Landmann, Fernuniversität Hagen

8 June: tba

Fall semester 2022

1 September Project round

15 September Johanna Blomster, Oslo Nye Høyskole

29 September Jasper Claus,

13 October José Pizarro, University of the Basque Country, on awe

27 October Magdalena Smieja, Jagiellonian University

10 November Brett Murphy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

24 November Miguel Leyva Salas, on MA thesis plan

8 December Jan Wiecha, Krakow / UiO

5 January tba

19 January Brett Murphy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2 February Daniel Brown


Kunalan Manokara UvA / York University

Spring semester 2022

3 February: Anette Åbom on her project proposal

17 February: Mario Attie, Yale University

3 March: Fu Donghan, Beijing Normal University

17 March: Marthe Moeller, UvA

31 March: Tuomas Eerola, Durham University

14 April (before Easter):

28 April: Sally D. Farley – University of Baltimore

12 May: Jan Wiecha, Centre for Emotion and Motivation Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University 

26 May cancelled

9 June Remi Kaldhussæter on Kama muta in children’s play in nature (presentation of finished MA thesis)