Press & Mentions

National Geographic Germany with a piece on kama muta

Beate Seibt discussed kama muta with Karin Kukkonen in the podcast Literature, Cognition, and Emotions

Episode of the podcast “More of a comment than a question” with guest Anne Scheel and a discussion of the kama muta research program:

See also Anne Scheel’s brilliant paper:

Scheel, A. M., Tiokhin, L., Isager, P. M., & Lakens, D. (2021). Why hypothesis testers should spend less time testing hypotheses. Perspectives on Psychological Science16(4), 744-755.

Beate was interviewed by NRK Ekko on kama muta in August 2021

Alan was interviewed about the lexical fallacy and kama muta on the Stanford Psychology Podcast:

Dave Pizarro and Tamler Sommers discuss the lexical fallacy and kama muta:

Story in Discover on Why Babies Are So Cute — And Why We React the Way We Do mentioning work on kama muta and quoting Kamilla and Alan

Vox episode on crying that includes kama muta

Interview with Johanna K. Blomster and Janis H. Zickfeld on Kama Muta on [Norwegian]

Interview with Kamilla Knutsen Steinnes on being moved by cuteness [Norwegian]

Short article on being moved with regard to Norway’s national holiday and moving advertisements on NRK [Norwegian]

Radio interview on Norgesglasset with Janis H. Zickfeld on being moved [Norwegian]

Essay on kama muta by Nick Haslam