Who we are

The kama muta lab is a group of researchers from psychology, anthropology, and related disciplines. Together we investigate the social relational emotion of kama muta (aka being moved and touched to tears) and related emotions.

You can email the lab at info@kamamutalab.org, or contact the individual researchers directly. Contact information are on the pages below.

Alan Fiske, UCLA [Google scholar]

Beate Seibt, University of Oslo [Google scholar]

Thomas Schubert, University of Oslo [Google scholar]

Evi Petersen, University of South-Eastern Norway, and OsloMet

Anette Åbom, University of Oslo

José Pizarro, Universidad del País Vasco [Google scholar][orcid]

Jonna Vuoskoski RITMO at University of Oslo [Google scholar]

Nico Fadda, University of Oslo

Former students

Olivia Pich home

Kamilla Steinnes home

David Grüning, University of Heidelberg [Google scholar]

Anders Herting

Janis Zickfeld, Aarhus University [Google scholar]

Diana Lizarazo [linkedin]

Rami Rmeileh, University of Exeter [linkedin]

Johanna Lyshol Blomster [Google scholar]

Miguel Leyva [linkedin]