Weekly most moving moment: Moving China Award

Weekly most moving moment: Moving China Award

For today’s most moving moment we have something different. We have a joint cluster of moving moments, so to speak. We borrow from Alan Fiske’s narrative [1] for it:

“China Central television, also state-owned, is the largest broadcaster in China. Since 2002, with the sponsorship of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Central Television has annually given ten recipients the “Touching China Award” or “Moving China Award” […]. The awards are presented in a grand television spectacle, with videos posted online for each recipient. They have selected, for example,

A teacher who saved two students from being hit by a bus, but lost both her legs in the effort.

A Uygur street vendor who lives extraordinarily frugally to save money with which he has helped over 160 students continue their studies and establish a scholarship fund.

An adopted girl who, since age eight, has been selflessly taking care of her paralyzed adoptive mother.


[And] China is not the only nation whose leadership has aimed to evoke Kama Muta for political ends.”


[1]: Kama Muta: Discovering the Connecting Emotion (Book, 2019)