Weekly most moving moment: A stopwatch and Ecstasy

Weekly most moving moment: A stopwatch and Ecstasy

Today we will show you the juxtaposition of two concepts. They are not only somewhat distinct, but completely different. However, there is a link between them.

A stopwatch: “Every year, at Christmas, my mother and I bring out my great uncle’s stopwatch tot time the baking go cookies. The digital egg timer which sits on the counter year-round probably keeps better time, and is certainly easier to operate, butnusing my great uncle’s stopwatch feels as though we are including him in the tradition. The feeling of warmth in my chest and the slight chill I experience each Christmas when I first wrap my hand around this small, sturdy artifact have not diminished over the years. […]”

MDMA (Ecstasy): “I began to direct my attention to my surroundings and experienced an immense shift. It felt like I had suddenly crashed into a wall of emotion and sensation – It was as if some invisible barrier had been knocked down and and I found myself plugged into some unifying, magnetic force that operated between me and my surroundings. I felt so close and connected to everything […] I felt calm yet tingly, hot and cold, all at the same time. When looking down at my arm, I saw goosebumps.”

So what is the link between these two stories? In both kama muta is present in form of a felt connection. In the first story it’s the connection to the grandfather where in the latter it is the connection to everything caused by the drug. Hence, kama muta can occur in very different situations and by doing so being the bridging link between the most unlike situations.


Kama Muta: Discovering the Connecting Emotion (Book, 2019)