Kama Muta Lab

How does kama muta feel?

When kama muta is mild, it just feels a little warm and fuzzy.  If you feel more intense kama muta, you may notice

  • a warm or other feeling in the center of the chest;
  • moist eyes, tears, or weeping;
  • chills, thrills, or goosebumps;
  • having a lump in your throat or being choked up or, making it difficult to speak;
  • a deep breath or pause in breathing;
  • an exclamation such as awww;
  • moving one or both hands over the center of the chest;
  • afterwards, feelings of buoyancy (lightness) or exhilaration.

However, many people experience just one or two or a few of these in many instances of kama muta.

Strong kama muta experiences may make you want to hug someone, or call your grandmother and tell her how much you love her!  Although kama muta experiences sometimes occur in sad situations, the kama muta feeling itself is positive; it makes you feel more connected, kind of cozy.

People like to ‘share’ kama muta – to give it to others, and especially to feel it together with people they care about.