This is a personal moving moment about Easter.

I remember going to church on Good Friday. In my protestant church the ceremony starts st 5 a.m., so when you go there it is still dark outside and my village is very quiet and empty. Therefore, you are already in a thoughtful and calm mood. The ceremony itself is very sinister and focuses on topics such as death and suffering. Then at the end of it, after the last prayers and songs the candles in the church are blown out, the light is low and the altar is covered with a black cloth.

To me, this ceremony is especially moving because of the dark and sinister atmosphere and because of that I am focusing on what is really important in my life.
But on the other hand, there is the connectedness within the church community and the awareness that on Easter Sunday we will celebrate and be happy together. In that way, the ceremony symbolizes for me that I am never alone in my life and that after every dark period there will be sunshine and happiness again.

This is my moving Easter moment.