One’s very own kama muta in an Oslo café:
He is a barista in an Oslo café that serves what may be the best coffee in the world. He has worked in retail service since he was 14, beginning part time in a cheese shop. Whenever a customer is especially thoughtful or appreciative, he gets goosebumps on his forearms. He reacts this way, for example, when someone brings back their empty cuops, because he feels a sense of ‘togetherness’ – which he hopes is mutual. From his first days in the cheese shop, he remembers this goosebumps feeling whenever he had the sense that, although only 14, older customers treated him with ‘respect’ as a person. This feeling is what makes him always want to work out-front in customer service. In the café he may have the feeling perhaps every other day. It is the same sensation he feels when his girlfriend returns after an absence. He frequently had the same feeling when he was in China for a year at age 18, whenever a shopkeeper, despite the hectic pace of business, took the time to connect across languages and cultures. [1]


[1]: Kama Muta: Discovering the Connecting Emotion (Book, 2019)