09.11 interview with Kamilla Knutsen Steinnes on being moved by cuteness [Norwegian]

16.05 short article on being moved with regard to Norway’s national holiday and moving advertisements on NRK [Norwegian]

16.05. radio interview on Norgesglasset with Janis H. Zickfeld on being moved [Norwegian]

11.05 interview with Thomas W. Schubert on being moved in Apollon [Norwegian]

Essay on kama muta by Nick Haslam


25.02 article featuring Facebook, Taylor Swift and Kama Muta on NRK [Norwegian]

25.02 radio feature on Kama Muta including an interview with Alan P. Fiske [Norwegian]


22.06. radio interview on NRK Her og nĂ¥ with Janis H. Zickfeld on being moved [Norwegian]