ICPS symposium: Moving across disciplines — conceptualizing feelings of being moved

At the International Convention on Psychological Science in Vienna, March 23-25 2017, we’ve organized a symposium exploring being moved from aesthetic, moral, cultural, clinical, and social relational perspectives. The four presentations will offer competing hypotheses on the elicitors, experience and consequences of being moved:

Mary Beth Oliver, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Meaningful Affect, Meaningful Media: Exploring the Gratifications of Entertainment Beyond Pleasure.

Helen Landmann, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin & FernUniversität Hagen.
Being Moved by virtue, success and music: The role of surpassing internal standards.

Janis H. Zickfeld, University of Oslo.
The Bright Triad: The connections among Being Moved, Empathy, and Sympathy.

Beate Seibt, ISCTE Lisbon & University of Oslo.
Kama Muta: A social relations model of being moved.

We look forward to meeting you there.