Weekly most moving moment: A moving quote from the Swiss psychologist Édouard Claparède

Contemplant un jour un beau bébé de deux ans, frais et rose, aux cheveux bouclés, qui dormait paisiblement en plein air, caressé par le soleil d’une douce matinée en printemps, j’ai été ‘emu’.

[Observing one day a beautiful two-year-old baby, fresh and pink, with curly hair, sleeping peacefully outside, caressed by the sunshine of a mild spring morning, I was ‚moved‘.] — Édouard Claparède, in L’émotion „Pure“ (1930)

Weekly most moving moment: A moving quote from astronaut Sam Durrance

„The Earth is dramatically beautiful when you see it from orbit, more beautiful than any picture you’ve ever seen. It’s an emotional experience because you’re removed from the Earth but at the same time you feel this incredible connection to the Earth like nothing I’d ever felt before.“ [1] — Astronaut Sam Durrance about feeling moved by looking back at the Earth.

Indeed, feeling connected is the prerequisite to feel kama muta. Scientifically, it is said that people are experiencing kama muta, if they experience a sudden intensification of a communal sharing. That is, we experience kama muta, if we experience a connection getting stronger. Interestingly, we find that it doesn’t need you to be connected directly (you can also be moved from a third-person perspective) and that it doesn’t need to be a connection between two humans to feel kama muta. This is, why Astronaut Sam Durrance can feel kama muta by feeling connected to planet Earth.


[1]: Interview from David B. Yaden and colleagues in “The overview effect: Awe and self-transcendent experience in space flight”, 2016.