Author: <span>Thomas</span>

Author: Thomas

MA topics

You can find the slides of the master topics 2018 presentation under the link. The topics include theoretically as well as applied topics on kama muta

Tears and gratitude

Expressing and receiving gratitude emphasises the communal bonds between the one who thanks and the one who is thanked. It’s power is even enhanced when one sees other people joining in. Three wonderful examples from this week: First, Joe Biden tears up when Obama surprises him with the Medal of …

New empirical paper: Time series of being moved and its cross-correlates

Cognition and Emotion published our first empirical paper on kama muta! Full text at Cognition and Emotion Last unedited draft of our own Visualisation of a part of these data: Observe at what points in a video clip kama muta rises. It also got picked up by @Neuroskeptic right away… Feeling …